Francis Pratt

True Northern Blend

Arol - Cann

This pair went up a couple of days ago on Dupont Street West of Symington, East of Dundas. If your in the area or driving by keep your eyes peeled. Some friends of mine graciously offered to babysit the kids for a while.

Interview by the WLLNTZ. Feel very blessed to have been asked bye such appreciators of art to be part of their universe. Check their instagram @wllnttz

"Old Gun"
Painted by Francis Pratt
"Me In Darkworld" 
Painted by Francis Prat
Painting by Francis Pratt
photo taken bye Francis Pratt 
Photo take bye Francis Pratt
Photo taken by Francis Pratt

"Rage Williams"
Photo taken bye Francis Pratt

"Taxi glare"
Photo taken by Francis Pratt
Come out to see this @ Greenbelt Gallery THIS WEEK ! As it will be traveling to its new home in NY
Be sure to come out to upcoming show @ Greenbelt Gallery this Thursday February 20th. Doors open at 7:30